Calvin and Hobbes statues,sculptures, modelages and model kits. A K'resin kits production.

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Spiff space pilot

Made by Cyle withwith polymer clay and colored with acrylic paint.
In progress. 8 inches tall by Stephanie Lamb.


See on deviant art a tribute to Watterson snowman. Done by Ander Aguirre Serrano from Spain as a gift for a friend in the end of 2010. It's made of super sculpey then painted with acrylics. It's 7.4'' tall without the base (19cm).

A new tandem done by Naara Andrade in march 2011.
Made in 2010 Vance Rudzinskas. It measures 10" tall.

Dancing calvin done in october 2010 by Vance Rudzinskas. It's 6" tall. Hobbes is on the way!!!!

Limited to 25 items.

Made from Super Sculpey Firm Gray and painted with acrylics. Got on deviant art

Done in march 2009 by "Santaclaus" aka Noël Francis the Frenchie boy for a birthday present. It's made of fimo, acrylic paints and mesures 5.9" tall (15 cm).

This model had been sculpted by Naara Andrade (Sakura) in may 2009. It's made of porcelain. Width: 8 cm Height: 7 cm.Length: 14 cm.

This model is called "embrace"it had been sculpted by Naara Andrade (Sakura) in may 2009. It's made of porcelain. Width: 8 cm. Height: 7 cm. Length: 14 cm.

One of a kind made of sculpey. Hobbes is 5" tall.
Done by Swedish Herr Sandslott.
Found it on deviantART

  Sculpted by Leodragon. from USA.
Made of fimo. It's 6 inches long.

Sculpted in December 2004 by Adam Gripp
One of a kind made of Sculpey. 6"tall by 4".

  Done in Super Sculptey Clay and Wire and Foil for support in may 2009 by Emiguin. It's 4 1/2 inches tall. Painted with acrylics.


“Cliff Jumpers Ho” done around 1997. It measures 3.15 inches tall (8cm) Sculpted by D.K.S. (David Sheedy) and produced by Espi. Limited as 25 items.

Also trying to  find it!!

Coming from Argentina!!! Sculpted in 2009 by Laura Nagel. Hobbes is 17cm tall. Painted in acrylics. Learn more here

Got it on the web. Made of Fimo. No mention of scale. Supposed to be a gift for a birthday

Found on eBay in march 2009. A limited serie of 5 items in white metal. Hobbes is 12cm long.

Diorama done in 2009 by Fraboulet Pascal aka resinkit. Calvin is " tall. The base is x. It's a variation based on the cover "Attack of The Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons"


Snowman goon sculpted by Jason Wiebe for Reaper miniature. Not really from C&H world but....

Sculpted in 2008 by Gerard Hunt.
It's called "Tiger trouble".

Me want!!!!!!!!!!!!

Produced by Moohead Models in 2008 and sculpted by Matt Manit and offer as a  model kit. 7" high on an 8" X 5" base

"Murderous snowmen" sculpted in 2007 by Twistie Tye. One of a kind!

It was built on a wedding cake foil base that is about 20 cm in diameter. The snow is white felt with cotton wool making up the snow drifts. The snowmen were made out of newspaper balled up and then covered strips of newspaper and PVA glue and then given a final coat of white tissue paper. The arms are some sort of flower arranging floral wire. The scene lacked colour so the green sign, red axe and blue presents were added. The fencing at the back helps frame the main snowman and also gives the base a bit of a lift. These additions were all made out of card.

Sculpted by Vance Rudzinskas. 1/8 scale. Supposed to be a limited 25 items serie.

I am looking for it!!!!!!!!!

Sculpted by late Jim Fakwes. No other  infos.

Produced by Espi. Saw it on ebay. But don't buy it...seems too rough

I need info and better pics about it. Thanks!!

Produced by "Resin d'être" and sculpted by Nicolas Tanguma. 5 parts.

I am looking  for  it!!!!

Need Info

Sculpted in Sculpey III by Mia Elliot. It's a 7" tall model.

Sculpted in 2007 by Dennis
One of a kind sculpture

Sculpture in progress by Ozzie Julian Briones.
Made of super sculpey. It's 10" tall.

"Calvinsaurus attacks" sculpted in 2006 by Resinkit  aka Heffpi with natural clay. 

"Scratch scratch" sculpted by Resinkit aka Heffpi in 2007 with natural clay. 

"Black magic at Chagrin  falls" sculpted by Resinkit aka Heffpi in 2007 with natural clay. 


Made by Tom Key in super sculpey. 5'' tall including base.

Made in 2002 by Tri TRAN CONG  in Fimo. Hobbes is 5.11 ''tall.

Called "Friends" and produced in 1999 by Alternative Images and sculpted by Linda Hammons. It's a 10" tall model kit.

Hobbes stands about 6" tall and Calvin about 3" tall. Produced by Night Life.

Stupendous man in progress found on the web.

Stupendous man by Rain Weatherston. No idea about scale.

  Hobbes is 5cm tall and made of Darwi classic. Made in 2000.  
Spiff space pilot
Sculpted by Angel Hughes. He modified a flying saucer kit, measuring about 4" across and added the fins & chopped the height of the dome

Sculpted by Resinkit aka Heffpin. In progress Spaceman Spiff vs Space Monster made of epoxy clay. Mounted on an armature of wire and aluminium paper.

Works in progress. Picture is coming soon....maybe

Done in 2002 by the Frenchie guy Delaunay Bertrand. Made of Plastimo. Spiff measures 2'' tall.

Spaceman Spiff vs The Mumpchomp sculpted by Arne Jerde.

Spiff space pilot sculpted by Arne Jerde.

I  want it!!!

Another Spiff Space Pilot. Unknown sculptor. Issued by Action Hobbies.

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