Dracula Coppola
Model kits based on The Francis Ford Coppola movie.
Straight to Dracula Super deformed
A massive wallplaque 26"x32" sculpted by Alvarez.
Killer kits issued that wonderful Mina and Dracula. It's a 1/6 scale model
In 2004 Andrea Miniatures issued that 54mm metal model.
In 2004 Killer kits from UK issued this 1/6 scale model sculpted by Neil Sims.
In 2003 Cellar cast issued this unbelievable diorama by Steve West!! Dracula Wolf and Lucy. 1/8 scale
In 2003 sculptor Rick Force produced through Force models this 12 " tall "Prince Vlad". 8 parts of resin.
In 2002 Killer Kits (UK) made this 1/4 resin bust by Paul Fay. It's called "Prince Vlad of Szeklys".
In 2002 Mooncrest models (UK) issued this "love never dies" 10" tall resin model (7 parts) sculpted by Gary Hilliard.
In 2001 EFX planet issued this "Old style vampire" in one resin part. 15" tall. Sculptor is Adrian Corral.
Gabriel Marquez sculpt this "Old Vlad with a razor" 12" tall and 4 resin parts. Produced by Forbidden zone.
Unknown set of busts. Any information is welcome!!!!
No pic sorry 
Tony Mc Vey (Menagerie production) made for an hologram this serie of 3 busts.Not produced as model kits.
Sculptor Jay Dee (UK) made this 6" tall "Bat bust". One resin part.
Sculptor Jay Dee (UK) made this 5.5" tall "Dracula bust". One resin part.
In 2001 Neil Simms issued this Dracula wolf.
Jim Maddox sculpted this set of 4" tall busts for United Empire Miniatures.
In 1994 G-force (Canada) issued this Vlad bust scupted by Anthony Veilleux. 
Mooncrest models produced this Old Vlad. 1/8 scale resin.
Screamin issued a 1/4 scale model: "Old Vlad" in vynil .
 Zotz (Mexican Cie) produced "Bride slayer" sculpted by Edgar Perez.1/6 scale and 8 resin parts.
Zotz also made this wall plaque.
In 1993 Paul Reilly sculpted this 1/6 scale "Old Vlad". Produced by Needfull thing. Released later through "Dark Carnival".
In 1992 Horizon produced this "Dracula armor" this kit sculpted by Taishiroo Kiya. 1/6 scale and 19 vynil parts.
In 1992 Horizon produced this "Dracula bat" this kit sculpted by Glenn Hanz. 1/6 scale and 12 vynil parts.
In 1992 Horizon produced this "Dracula wolf" this kit sculpted by Greg Smith. 1/6 scale and 9 parts.
Argonauts the Japanese Cie produced in vynil this 1/7model kit. Mina and Vlad

Argonauts the Japanese Cie produced in vynil this 1/7model kit. . Lucy and wolf

Super deformed
Super deformed old man issued by Critical Mass and sculpted by Mike Petryszak. It's 6" tall in 3 resin parts.
Old man super deformed issued by House of horrors and sculpted by Mac Doogal.